Universal Crimes: Open letter to the American people



Dear All;

There are a defect, malfunction and fault in the American institutions due to the manipulations of officials by illegal forces outside of the institutions or because of the corruption of officials themselves or their inefficiency and the high criminality of some of them.

This is not analysis nor critic nor opinion but it’s the reality which can conduct the United States of America and the world to the destruction.

This is many years ago, I sent a lot of times, complaints and requests to the authorities and organizations around the world as the office the Honorable Attorney General of the USA and U.S. DOJ, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI, U.S. department of State, to the Supreme Court of the USA, to the U.S. Congress and to a lot of authorities in the United States of American and this about international crimes against Algerian people, against Humanity and against me, committed by a lot of persons as American officials, these crimes are Crimes against Humanity, War Crimes, Genocide and aggression and still heappen till now.

I’m an Algerian citizen, victim of international crimes and my case is a Global and American case. Here in Algeria the official power of the decision-making authority is not Algerian but external and criminal.

Dear All;

The United States of American as a nation has the major responsibility about these crimes, because some officials and people in the USA ordred to commit the crimes and protect the author of the crimes.

I ask you to read my publications especially that concern the Hillary Clinton’s emails (the FBI opened an investigation because of my complaints) and contact the White House, the U.S. DOJ and the office of the Honorable Attorney General of the USA, the FBI, the Supreme Court of the USA, the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Congress and ask them the details and information about the crimes and their authors and about the victims; you are also victims.

After that I ask you to help me and launch a call to stop the crimes.

My primary goal is to stop the crimes and get protection.

Dear All;

When the author of the crimes attacked me, I prayed Allah (God) and I asked him to protect me and help me; Allah sent a lot of warnings, there are miracles, if the crimes still happen there is a high risk of global apocalypse.

There is the truth about Coronavirus in my publications and the solution to stop it.

Please help me as soon as possible.

Best regards.