Warning: This is a GLOBAL and American case


Universal Crimes: Testimonial.

  • The most important case in the world is this case because Allah (God) sent a lot of clearly warnings.
  • The real reason of the impeachment of the president Donald Trump is to hide the crimes and protect their authors.
  • The Assassination of Jamal Khashoggi with barbary because of this case.
  • The arrest of Julian Assange because of this case.
  • The permanent attack against the president Donald Trump and the attack against the judge Brett Kavanaugh because of this case.
  • Many parliaments in the world have been dissolved because of this case.
  • Many big deals between countries were made because of this case.
  • They hide this case because of the severity of the crimes and their authors are influential, and to hide the Misconduct of national and international institutions about the handling of this case.
  • There is an imminent High Global Risk if this case will not resolved in the universal standards and ethics.

Dear All;
I’m an Algerian citizen, victim of international crimes and in a very difficult situation.
I ask you in the name of the Humanity to help me URGENTLY. Please I ask you to contact the authorities around the world as Ministry of Justice and the office of Attorney General of United States of American, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Australia, Canada, Israel, the FBI, INTERPOL, police of Germany and Israel, the United Nations, the permanent missions to the United Nations, I’m convinced that the authorities in all countries have information about the crimes and their authors because it’s a GLOBAL case. Please ask them to send to me official documents that contain information about the crimes and their authors and recognition that I’m victim of international crimes. Please ask them information about the crimes and their authors and give me your testimony and publish it your websites and forums.

I create forms about Testimony about the crimes and their authors; please I ask you to fill out the form.

I need your testimony to use it to get protection and justice, because the authors of the crimes are influential; they closed all the doors in face of me and they hide the crimes and attack me permanently to destroy me.

Best regards.

Links to the forms: